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Want Weekly Marketing Help Videos?

I've started Toolbox Heroes to help other Tradespeople with their marketing by sending weekly free videos. 

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Hi there, thanks so much for dropping by.

I post weekly marketing help videos on Linkedin for people working in the trades or services.

I'm still experimenting with Linkedin. But it's too unreliable to ensure that (even though we may be connected) you'll see the marketing help video for that week.

So that's why I made this registration page so I can send them to you, just in case. 

I'm an electrician and have run my own businesses for most of my career. But for five years of my career, I was a marketing director and business coach of a business growth organisation and that role gave me all the tools and skills I needed to get this electrical business off to a flying start.

With the uncertain times that we find ourselves in at the moment, I thought it would be useful to share all of my marketing tools and practices with other tradespeople to get us all through this.

I'm not selling anything, I'm not going to SPAM you. You and I are the same and I just want to do the decent thing and help you out. If I can.

Also, have a look around my website. This is where I get most of my work and it works really well. Maybe you can swipe some ideas.

Just fill in the registration box below and you're in the gang.



Register for your weekly videos

Thanks for registering!

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